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The moon was full shining down onto the water. The small town of Summer’s Snow lay silent near the water. Everything was still and quiet, but the water outside was moving, and not by any natural cause. The ship crept silently up and none of the towns folk could hear it. By the time the town realized what was upon them it was too late. The pirate ship was looting and pillaging there town, but they were not look for treasure nor money.

In each household the inhabitant hid, hoping that they would be save from the pirates. But it was no use the pirates searched the village and took one man. Once they had a hold of this man they hauled his unconscious body on board the ship and placed his the storage room.

When the man awoke around him he saw four other passengers and all but one had their hand tied tightly behind their back. As everyone began to talk the door of the cabin burst open and Captain Chaos burst into the room. Her face was filled with rage for what she had planed and not gone accordingly. The people were suppose to stay asleep for another day, but they were awake and now all that could be done was explain.

“I guess you want to know why your here,” Captain Chaos said, “but I’m not the one to explain that, she is.”

The Captain extended a hand to the girl with her hands untied, her name was Martingale and in her hand she held the Book of the Sargaraqua. The girl quickly open the book flipping threw the pages and she read, ” 4 people shall meet and arise the true power within them. These people will have the power that is expected in the children of the Gods. They will need to find Artemis’ Treasure, one that surpasses any other, before the rest of the world does and return it to it’s true owner before mankind uses it to destroy all that has been sacred to this land and to Artemis’.”

The girl was trembled with fear as she read these words and the book slipped out of her hands and fell to the ground. The book lie there open and all of the words disappeared from it’s pages. The Book of the Sargaraqua was one that was chosen for one to read since the people of Sargaraqua died out long ago.

“We sought out for the people and using the Book of Sargaraqua we have found you, The world is in you hands,” Captain Chaos said…....

Home Page

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